Featured Resources

WordPress Hosting

The best hosting for WordPress this is the hosting I use and I own. Let me know when you ready to get started.

WordPress Plugin

This is the best WordPress plugin and a must have to build you home on the internet. It make building your WordPress a snap.

WordPress Theme

This is the best theme for WordPress using Woocommerce and building your funnels

Email Marketing

This tool works great with WordPress and Elementor Pro to build lead marketing with with ease. This is what I use today.

Opt-In Pages

Click Funnels is a great tool to build opt-in pages and capture emails to your autoresponders


This is a great tool to track you click from WordPress or Click funnels when you buy traffic.

Traffic to you landing page

This is fast traffic to you landing page and website to build your list.

Get Response

This tool is an email autoresonder that can send our emails to your customer

Email Autoresponder

AWeber is another great autoresponder that I use. I have more than one system

Buy Solo Ads

Udimi is a great to buy traffic to your website within 24hr or less.


I currently do not use Bluehost but I been told they are a good company. I use SkyviewHost.com


Do you want to create a professional Youtube channel. Then you need this tool to help you setup you channel and gather you status from YouTube.


This is a great plugin to create a drop shipping business with Aliexpress.


One of the best ways to do keyword marketing for you video marketing.

PhotoShop for FREE

This is 100% legal and you can have PhotoShop CS2 for free. All you have to do is download it from Abobe.

Cloud Storage

I use cloud app to store my video that I do not want to put on Youtube like support videos and to work with my team.

Backup & Restore

This is a very easy way to backup and restore you website. I use this plugin every week to backup my website. I am not an affiliate for this product.

Move Money oversea

TI use Transfer Wise when I need to move money from USA to oversea. It is easy to get setup and you can trust the process.


This is what I use to create video and screen share.  This is a must have for any business.


Marketers and content creators know that featuring animation in their videos increases watch times, and improves call-to-action rates. What’s more, animated videos are more than just a trend or passing fad. They are actually getting MORE popular over time!