What Are Solo Ads & How Do They Work?

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What are solo ads?

Solo ads are a traffic method that you can purchase other people customers list for a fixed cost per action for a one time promotion.  The word Solo should give it away, one time offer.  This is a very effective way of deriving targeted traffic to a current list of customer who are already ready to buy similar services to what you are offering.  


Is Solo Ads The Only Traffic Method?

Of course not,  you could also use Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Banner or even SEO Blogging for free traffic .   All them are great ways to drive traffic to your affiliate link but they can be harder to setup and if you make a mistake you can get band from their systems.  Most of the time they can be more expensive way of driving traffic that is time consuming and way more technical option to set-up than using Solo Ads.  


How do Solo Really Work?

The best way to describe how solo ads work is to show you.  Below is a flow chat the explains the proper way to setup a Solo Ad.  I also created a video that explains how to setup a solo ad. 

As you can see in the photo above that all you have to do to set-up your solo ads so you can start making money.

Here Are The Steps To Set-up A Good Solo Ad

  1. Setup Your Affiliate Product/Service:  You need a product or service to promote (sell).  You can either create your own products or find products on the following systems.  There are more than just two but the following two are the easiest to set up. 
  2. Setup Your Autoresponder: You will need an email service so you can set up your autoresponders.  Here are a few services that you can set up.
  3. Setup Your Opt-in Pages:  You will need to set up your opt-in page or it’s call squeeze page funnel.  Here are just a few of the services you can use.
    • WordPress – However you need hosting and setup WordPress.  You can get hosting from SkyViewhost.com or Hostgator or GoDaddy but the best is Skyview Hosting.  This is long-term for the serious affiliate marketer.  The best route to take for long-term business because it is your asses and no-one or 3rd part company can change your process.   
    • The Conversion Pros – They are a 3rd party that provides hosting, opt-in funnels and email services (all in one package).  This is the easiest to set up but you are dependent on 3rd party and if they change you have to change.  (not the best for long-term solution)
    • ClickFunnels – they are a 3rd party system that provides hosting, op-tin funnels and with additional cost email services.  They are kind of expensive to use but very easy to set up.  
    • WishLoop – they are a 3rd party system that is cheaper than Click Funnels but they do not have an email service but they provide other serves for blogging and social media posting. 
  4. Find a good solo ad provider: 
    • Obviously, I am going to say me right…..  JasonGerald.com   Here is a coupon code for $10 off your next order with me.  Coupon code first-order
    • Now if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing on my website you can use Udimi  I also sell solo ads on Udimi

That is it,  it very easy to set up and you can have it all set up and one in an afternoon.

Now if you have any questions feel free to call my cell phone at 919-278-8828 or email me at jason@jasongerald.com

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