ūüďö¬†¬† You know when I was starting out new on the internet I wanted to learn as much as I could about how it worked.¬† I was watching videos on YouTube and buying products online to learn everything I could.¬† What I really needed with a simple and easy way to get definitions¬†that were easy to understand and that were real-life examples that I could understand in laymen’s¬†terms to a simple man like myself.¬†¬†

I hope you use this dictionary to learn as much as you can and it was helpful for you to create multiple streams of income. 

Follow vs NoFollow Back-links:

Before I go into what a dofollow and nofollow is you need to understand why we have them.   Back in the olden days like a few years ago, every link was a dofollow link which an SEO person would SPAM hundreds of links on their website pages to get on the first page of Google.   This was call back-link spamming which caused the readers to be frustrated because they did not have content that was related to their subject. In order to solve this problem in 2005 Google created NoFollow links and penalized website in the page raking that has links to products or services that are not related to their subject. 

DoFollow links

All links start out as a dofollow¬†links in WordPress pages or posts.¬† They are a normal link on your WordPress website that you want Google will crawl to rank your website.¬† This means Google will show your website and give you organic search engine traffic for free.¬† Here is an example of what a dofollow¬†link looks like.¬† <a¬†href=”https://jasongerald.com”>great seo tools</a>

Tip:  You only want to dofollow links that are related to your content on your blog.  Otherwise, Google looks a your link and follows the link and the content is not related they will penalize your page in the page ranking in Google.

NoFollow Links

A NoFollow link a hyperlink (to another website) that you don’t want Google to crawl. ¬†This is normally links to affiliate products that you plan to make money from or comments on blogs and forms. ¬†They have nofollow tags so Google will stop following that link and will not penalize you for links to other products or services that you are promoting. ¬† ¬†

Here is what a nofollow tag looks like in WordPress. ¬†<a href=”https://www.Amazon.com/” rel=”nofollow”>leather bags</a>

If you want to learn more about follow and nofollow here are some helpful resources for you.

NoFollow Resources:  

‚ě°¬† ¬†Google’s Guide to nofollow

‚ě°¬† WordPress Guide to nofllow

‚ě°¬† Wikipedia Guide to nofollow

‚ě°¬†WordStream Guide to no follow

LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing)

This is the related terms that Google expects to see on any given website for your main keyword. If you creating a blog post you want to use as may related terms in the blog post to help you rank for your main keyword. For example, if your main keyword is “Black dog” the LSI keywords with Black Geramensheperd, Black Pugs, Black Puddles and so on. They are related words to black dogs.¬†¬†

Here is some helpful website you can do LSI keyword search for free: 

‚ě°¬† ¬†https://serpstat.com/

‚ě°¬† ¬†https://ahrefs.com/

‚ě°¬† ¬†https://lsigraph.com/