About Jason and his family

We live in Raleigh NC and  now we have two pugs. My wife is a writer and has her own website called PullOverAndLetMeOut.com check it out and sign-up for her newsletter.  She would love to hear from you.

My son is very talented and smart, he plays the guitar and wow he is good.  I am sure he will grow up to be an entrepreneur and do great things helping people. 


I am an IT professional and spent the past 25 years working with fortune 500 companies.  Always looking over my shoulder if I was going to be the next person to let go.  I knew I had to make a change so, I have spent the past 5 years studying how to quit my job and to become financially free and independent.  What I learned is it’s not about hard work which is important but how smart you work with creating your plan & strategy that just works.  After taking  The Challenge it provided me the training and plan/strategy to be successful.  

My goal is to help other people build their dreams online by providing fast hosting with quality hosting with SkyviewHost.com to build your home online and the training with motivation to be successful.  

Our new addition to the family in 2019. Colonel Brandon is his name.  (Baby pug).  He is so cute and fun.  The hardest part is potty training.  That is not fun but it is worth it.  

Here are some great quotes I like...

Live by them...

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