How To Setup Gmail to Send Email to a Folder and Not Spam Folder

Don’t you hate it when you have an important eMail and it goes into your spam folder, or you can’t find it in all of your old folder.  This is an easy way to setup Gmail to white list your email and add the email to your custom folder.  

  1. Log into your gmail account.
  2.  In the search box on right  side select chevron  icon  which will “show search options”.
  3.  In the “FROM” field enter the email address you want white list.
  4.  Then select “Create Filter”.
  5. Add a check mark to “Apply the label:” enter new or use existing label  – (A label is a folder in Gmail)
  6. Add a check mark to “Never send it to Spam”.
  7.  Then click the “Create Filter”
  8.  It’s that simple to white list an email address and send the emails to a custom folder in Gmail. 

Below I created a video to help explain the process.  

Let me know if you have any questions or if this was helpful by commenting on this post.  

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