How To Backup Your eMail List on Get Response

How to backup your eMail list in Ge Response is easy and simple to do. It only takes a few minutes to do and it critical for your email marketing success if your account ever gets shut down for any reason.  

Here are the step by step process

  1. Log into you Get Response account.
  2. Select your contacts
  3.  Make sure you clicks on “Show All Contacts”
  4.  On the right side you see “All Your Contacts”  
  5. Click on the 3 dots and select “Export” 
  6. Name you export.  Like “GR-Backup-12-10-18”  (that is up to you how you want to name your backups
  7. File type is CVS (makes it easy to import into other systems.
  8.  When its done  “Download it to your hard drive”
  9.  All done

If you paid all that money to get your list then you need to make sure you back it up.  You never know what could happen with your account on Get Response and if they decide your account is doing something wrong then they will shut you down without warning.  

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